Stonehenge and Bath (part 1)

I have been in the UK for almost 6 years and yet I only planned to go to this trip 2 days ago. I was not really keen to see Stonehenge (because why would I want to see humongous stones propped upright in a circle?) and it was not originally part of my trip. I was deciding between Bath and Colchester for no reasons at all really. I just wanted to get away from the city. My date was more curious of these mysterious stones so we went and I was glad we did 😊.

We booked the trip from Premium Tours. We departed from Victoria Coach Station around 9am but we were already there an hour before for the registration.

It was an hour and a half journey from London to Stonehenge. As we drove away from the hustle and bustle of the city, vast beauty of the countryside came to view with remnants of autum foliage.

And there you have it folks, Stonehenge from a distance…

We arrived around 10:30am and we stayed until noon. There is an Exhibit and Visitor Center where you can buy souvenirs and have snacks. The exhibit room I guess shows a short video of how the stonehenge was built and theories behind it. Me and Date didn’t have a chance to go as we ran out of time. It is about a 5 min ride from the center to the site and there are shuttle buses just outside to bring you there. They also lend audio guides that explains about Stonehenge.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get inside the the circle and touch the stones as there are rope barriers and securities. You can go around and just admire them meters away. There will be tours on Winter Solistice in December that let you get in and touch the stones as well as witness the sunrise above the stones with the Neo-Druids, Neo-Pagans and Wiccans. That would be an amazing experience!!

These are just outside the Visitor Center as part of their exhibit…

There are facts and lots of theories as to why and how it was built. It could be a burial ground, ritual site or maybe, just maybe, that’s how they played lego in the old days. Who knows? 😀


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